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Laminating Hot &
Cold Roll Film, Laminating Pouches, Prayer Card Pouches, Xyron® machines & Roll Film, Laminating Machines, Binding Machines & Combs, Transparency & Write On Film


Professional Laminating Supplies Available


  • 3, 5, 7, & 10-Mil Pouches
  • 12", 18", 25", and 27" Roll Film
  •  Roll Film comes in 1.5, 3, 5, and 10 Mil Thicknesses
  • Binding Combs
  • Binding Machines
  • Roll Laminating Machines
  • Pouch Laminating Machines
  • XYRON® Cold Film
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Cold Film
  • Hot Film
  • Transparencies


Other Film Sizes Available Upon Request

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Binding Combs ◊ Laminating Machines ◊ Hot Film ◊ Transparencies

Enjoy free technical support for all of our machines. With our guaranteed one–on–one contact, you'll receive very personalized services, and you're sure to love our great laminating supplies! Choose from hot and cold laminating film, depending on your specific needs. Laminating services are perfect for a variety of schools, businesses, churches, fitness centers, funeral homes, hobby & home use. We are confident in our great customer service and know you will be 100% satisfied.

You can trust our many years of experience to help meet your laminating and binding needs. LAMINATING USA® has a wide variety to choose from with more than 60 kinds of laminating roll film, both hot and cold, and over 40 choices of pouch film including our popular PRAYER CARD POUCH in 5 & 7 mil thickness. We also have more than 21 sizes and 10 colors of binding combs and transparency film to pick from. Our prices are low but our service is high.  Laminating and binding is used in many applications so please browse our on-line store and see what great prices and large selection LAMINATING USA® has to offer.